Secret Admirer letters


If you really cant express that 3 words ( I Love You) to the one you love, actually you become a secret admirer....So in LOVE AVI POEMS (2nd Edition) We decided to help you expressing the love by a secret letter, why not just give it a shot and see if these secret love letters will work....... GUD LUCK FOR ALL THE SECRET ADMIRERS IN THE WORLD!!!!!


Im Really Really shy to say I love u


Dear (Insert Name Here),

I'm writing this and leaving it where you'll find it. It's not that I wouldn't like you to know who your secret admirer is, it's just that I'm really, really shy. I'm also afraid that if I tell you who I am, you'll reject me or laugh at me. So for now, I'd just like to admire you from afar. Admiring you isn't hard to do. You're the most attractive (man/woman) I know and no one in (insert place) can hold a candle to you.

You're the bright spot in my day, (Insert Name Here). I think I could almost say that I love you. Yes! I will say it. But I'm still not brave enough to tell you. Maybe, after I've worked up the courage, I'll ask you out for a drink or a meal. We could meet at (insert name of restaurant) and get to know each other over a long, leisurely dinner. Maybe if we were sitting across the table from each other, I wouldn't be so shy and would be able to tell you how I feel. And you could tell me all about your life -- your hopes, your dreams, your goals.

If we could meet, I'd be able to tell you all the things I love about you. I love the way you (insert behavior here) even when other people don't (insert behavior here). I love the way the light shines on your (insert hair color here) hair and the way your clothes are always so (insert adjective here). You're perfect and I'd love to be the lucky (guy/gal) who wins your love. If only I had the courage to tell you how I feel.


Until then, I'll just have to stay,
Your Secret Admirer



I Know You Love me


Dear (name of lover)

I never thought I could really love someone as much as I love you. We started out as a friends just talking, but over the last couple of months I've truly fallen for you head over heels. You're not one to admit how you feel but I know somewhere in your heart you have feelings for me too because I know you would not have just wasted your time for nothing. You know I care. You're the only person who could ever put this big of a smile on my face.

I don't want you to leave me anytime soon ... I told you I'd wait three and a half years for you if you get sent away and that is the truth. You said if that ever happened to me you would wait for me too, I hope it wasn't a lie. I will always love you (name). I can not even see myself with any other (guy/girl) but you - it's true; I'm in love with you.

Love always,

Your Secret Admirer


Do you like me?

Dear (name)
Now, I know we have not gotten to really know each other all that long and there is a little bit of an age difference between us, but I do really like you. You are a very special (guy/girl). There is so much about you I see that I know most (girls/guys) don't see. They are all looking at you for your outward appearance. But Honey, I am telling you, that is not what I am doing. There is so much more to you than that. I have liked you for a very long time now but just never had the guts to say it to you. Well, that has all changed now. I am going all out and I am going to say it all. I really care a lot about you, and I would like to be a lot more then just friends. You mean so much to me. I mean, just seeing your cute little smile when I am having a bad day just makes the day seem not too dim. Or just to have you give me a hug makes me all warm and tingly inside. Just to see your smiling face brightens my darkest day. So, darlin, what do you say, would you like to give it a go?

Love Always,
(your name)


Tell me you care

Dear (name)

I have been your secret admirer for some time now. I’ve been by your side, but you have not recognized me. Over time I have come to realize that I must declare myself to you. If I do, then I have the hope of a life together. If I do not do so, then I am a fool, a mere shadow without a meaningful existence.

I long to know your touch. I wish to kiss your lips. I want you to be mine. I have no idea of how you feel. I am risking all, I know.I may win or I may lose. I want more and I want it with you. To be by your side is torture if I cannot tell you that I love you.

If you refuse me, I’ll leave. I can no longer face another day not knowing if we have a chance. I need to know if you have even the slightest feelings for me. It would be enough to give me hope for our beginning.


Say you care,

(your name)


All I need is you

Dear (name)

I know your face by heart. Your image is embedded in my mind. Where do I define where you begin and I end? You are in the inner most parts of my soul.

I didn’t think I was the type to fall in love. There has been no other to tug at my heart. I know now that I wouldn’t last a day without you. How could you touch me that way? How did you become my soul so quickly?

All that I need is you. You are my heart beat, the pulse that keeps me alive. You became my salvation before I knew I needed saving. You are so many things to me, too many to name in one letter. May this be the start of a lifetime of letters of love.

I hope I can be as much to you, now and forever.

Love always,

(your Name)